Vintage Inspired

vintage buckle

A vintage theme doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Our Vintage Inspired collection ranges from a lace hood, simple broach or maybe a rose added to the sash of your choice. If you are already happy with the chairs at your venue and do not want them covered, a lace hood with accessories will give you that Vintage Inspired theme you’ve been looking for.

It doesn’t have to be tea cups and flowers, pastel coloured balloons will also achieve that vintage feeling of fun from yester year.

Celebrating A Special Occasion

There’s nothing like celebrating a special occasion. But gathering all those friends and family together to make a memorable and exciting event involves a lot of work and time.

To help you with your celebrating why not let us at Beautiful Occasions decorate your chosen venue.

At Beautiful Occasions we can supply chair covers for hire, not only in white, ivory and black but also in a multitude of colours, together with a wide range of coloured sashes to tie in with your theme.

Why not add table swags to your top table, cake table, buffet table or gift table to co-ordinate with your ‘Beautiful Occasion’.

A starlight backdrop can add further sparkle and adding balloon decorations will give that sense of fun.

Whether you want a fun, quirky or elegant extravaganza, we can help you achieve your dream event.


Chair Covers

Cromwell manor organzaWeddings are not the only events that chair covers can be hired for.
Here at BEAUTIFUL OCCASIONS you can hire chair covers for those other
important life events

in white, ivory, black, red blue, yellow and many more colours.
40TH, 50TH, 60TH AND SO ON.

Any special event.
So contact us today at:-

Alternate Sashes

orsett hall double side bowsAlternate sashes are perhaps an alternate for those of you who are unable to decide between colours.

We did this wedding last July for one of our brides at Orsett Hall. Not
only did we decorate the chairs with alternate colours, but the bows were
also tied to the side of the chair giving a very pretty aisle approach
as the bride made her way towards her husband to be.

As you can see, a matching swag has been added to the ceremony table
giving another very pretty finishing touch.

Adding a Luxurious Touch

Adding a Luxurious Touch

Some venues can have unattractive chairs.  Whilst they may already have their own chair covers, which are either an optional extra or included within a package deal, do they have the perfect sash colour you’ve had in mind since day one?

Some venues may have chairs that actually look quite nice and don’t necessarily need chair covers, but again, can the venue provide the perfect colour for your wedding theme.

If either of the above sound familiar, we can help add colour with the hire of our vast range of sashes.  From as little as £1.00 per sash, you can achieve a spectacular finish.  A sash tied to the back of a bare chair looks amazing and offers something unique.

We can also supply hoods, which cover the back of a chair.  These can be accessorised with ribbon or our vintage broach, which gives a very elegant, tudor atmosphere.

Chair Covers Will Provide That Finishing Touch You're Missing

Chair covers for Weddings or Parties are a decoration that is often overlooked or left until the last minute.  Chair covers add an overall elegance to your venue that bares no comparison against flowers or balloons.  They can be personalised with a coloured sash to compliment your theme and accessorised with a flower or diamanté broach to add extra sparkle.

Our chair covers can be hired in either white, ivory or black.  They will fit most chair types as they are designed to stretch to achieve a perfect, snug look.

Colours can be chosen from a wide variety of sashes and hoods.  They come in many different materials such as organza, taffeta, lace and satin.

We offer a personal, efficient, professional service from start to finish.  A free, no obligation meeting can be arranged at your venue to ensure our covers fit correctly and to give you an idea of how amazing it will look on the day.  Samples colours can be provided for you to match your colours correctly.

Whether your wedding or party is in a manor house or local social club, chair covers are an affordable way to add an extra special finishing touch.  The transformation of your venue will take your breath away.

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